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The problem it solves

So you ended up with this excel document full of names and addresses that you got from God knows where, and you want to import the data into your Mac OS address book (contacts.app) or MS Outlook or some other software that understands how to deal with those so called vCard files.

Excel2vCard is here to help!

If for example you want to import the data into your Mac OS address book, what you do is use the app to create one fat vCard file that contains all of the data, and simply double click it. Your contacts.app will ask you ``would you like to import those contacts?`` It will take care of handling duplicates as well.
The free version will export 10 rows max., once you purchase the app (for 10 EUR or whatever the equivalent in your currency is) you can export as many vCards as you like. The license never expires, and all updates are free.

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Read review on Softpedia

The nice people from Softpedia posted a review of the app (4 out of 5 stars) which we think is quite fair (although slightly outdated). They also verified that the software is 100% clean. There are also reviews on the Mac App Store (well, depending on the country), most of which are very positive.

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