Converts your Excel or csv files to vCards or Outlook contacts 

  • Did you assign the columns correctly? Use the preview.
  • Exporting to Outlook on Windows
  • The app tells you about how to use the vCard fields.
  • Search and replace on Windows
  • Search and replace on Mac OS
  • Outlook export settings. Avoid duplicates.

What is it for?

The app converts excel and csv files into vCards or Outlook contacts on both Windows and Mac OS. It tries to be as helpful as possible and explains to you how to use the vCard fields. All you have to do is tell it what column in your file corresponds to which vCard or Outlook field.

Can I edit the data?

Yes. You can simply type into the cells or use the built-in search-and-replace editor. You don’t need to have Excel installed.

Can I save the edited data?

Yes. You can save the data to a new excel file (.xlsx).

Can I create custom fields?

Yes. And you can tell the app wether you want those exported as separate fields or as part of the notes field.

Will the export to Outlook create duplicates?

No. The app checks if it finds a record with the same first and last name and updates it. You can suppress this in the settings if you want to.

Do I have to buy a license?

No. What we expect you to do is download the app, play with it, and if you like it and need to export more than 10 records, buy a license, which is currently around 10 US $ or 10 €. The license never expires and all updates are free. 

Where can I download it?

Right here:

Who created this?

Maximilian Tyrtania, a freelance developer from good old Berlin, Germany. Feel free to connect on XING or LinkedIn.

Is it any good?

Well, I might be biased, but – yes. The app got great reviews on Softonic, Softpedia and the Mac App Store (well, depending on the country). The people from Softpedia also verified that the software is 100% “clean” (virus free). But just download it, play with it and see for yourself. If you need a helping hand contact me. No risk involved. You are not the first person to try it…


Users according to the Mac App store (September 2018)

How would I buy a license? And what does it cost?

If you use the Windows version you can buy it by visiting the products page on MyCommerce. They will send you a proper invoice and a license number which you will have to enter into the license window (there is a button in the toolbar of the app for that). On Mac OS you’ll do the purchase on the Mac App Store.

The price is currently 10 US $ or €.

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