convert Excel sheets or CSV files to vCards

So you need to convert this excel or csv file into vCards and Google led you here. Well, you came to the right place. Excel2vCard makes it really easy for you to do the conversion, it has already helped many thousands people just like you to get the job done. Just download it, open your file, assign the columns, hit the export button, that’s it. This is what the software looks like on Mac OS (it looks almost the same on Windows):

download and play with it for free – no risk involved

To download the windows version of the app, click here. If you are after the Mac version, please visit the app’s page in the Mac App store. Then go ahead and play with it, see if it does what you need. Only then would you proceed to purchase a license.

how it works

Watch the intro video in german here or in english here.


What does it cost? Well, it does its thing for free for the first 10 rows. So please go ahead and try it, and purchase a license from within the app (there is a purchase button in the toolbar) if you like it. You can purchase a license from within the app for 10 US $ or 10 EUR (tax included), which will allow you to convert as many vCards as you like for as long as you want. And of course you’ll get a proper invoice from either Apple or MyCommerce for the windows version.

Is it malware?

Apparently not:

Software Informer Virus Free award

Recommended on FDM


I am skipping the cherry-picked testimonials section as I never trust those myself. There are some at the App store People seem to like it.

Who developed this?

My name is Maximilian Tyrtania, a software developer living in Berlin, Germany. You can find me at LinkedIn or XING.


Want to contact me? Feel free: